Pro Kennex has always been at the cutting edge of carbon fibre racquet design, and continues to lead the way with its unique and patented technologies, including the revolutionary Nano Autocure method, the only autoclave process in the world used in racket sports technology.

By purchasing a Pro Kennex racquet you are paying for quality, experience and innovation from the world’s leading racquet manufacturer, not just for a name.

When you play with Pro Kennex, you are equipped to win; the rest is up to you!

The hexagonal head design allows to racket to cut through air like a sword. It increases aerodynamics and provides faster swing speed.

The Nano Microcarbon reinforced HC2 placed at the two sides in the top of the frame, combines the MOI acceleration principles and generates higher repulsion. This creates the uniqueness of the head weighted effect that puts 6% more speed into smashes. In addition, the HC2 system creates bigger sweet spot and pinpoint precision even in off center hits.

The only autoclave process in the world that is used in racquet sports technology. The Nano autocure process removes air and impurities from between the graphite layers to create a totally seamless racquet for strength and flexibility.

The unique wave design in the frame creates a stronger frame which allows a higher string tension for the player to generate more power in the smash.

The unique concave power design with 40T high modulus carbon matrix has doubled the restitution force of traditional 24T graphite. This creates superior resiliency and converts the torsion into high repulsion power and stability.

A special kevlar matrix material insert in the T-joint reduces torque and twist in the racquet and gives increased control. Allows more forgiveness on off-center shots.