A unique technology of Pro Kennex is the Kinetic technology. This patented technology contributes to the prevention of arm injuries by providing shock damping.

50% of tennis players experience arm injury. 70% of juniors, in intensive training programs, suffer arm injury or surgery before 16th birthday. Leading cause of arm injury is the repetition of SHOCK, VIBRATION and TORQUE.

Kinetic mass is housed in chambers on four key balance positions in the head of the racket. When the ball hits the strings, it is surrounded by kinetic mass which makes sure that a great part of the shock is absorbed and that unwelcome vibrations in the frame are reduced. Less energy has to be invested by the player to gain the same results in impact pressure and precision.

The Kinetic technology is the only racket technology in the world, scientifically proven, to be effective in shock reduction. It helps to dramatically reduce the risk of lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and has been known to cure tennis elbows.


As you swing the racket forward, micro bearings load to the back of 100 precision-engineered chambers integrated into the frame. As the racket impacts the ball, the loaded bearings explode forward to the front of the chamber and transferring the resulting Kinetic energy into the ball. After impact, a shock wave is released into the string bed from the ball and is immediately absorbed into the Kinetic chambers which eliminates vibrations to the arm.

Scientifically proven technology

Kinetic rackets tested by the Sporthochschule Köln in Germany and the Sports Dynamics and Technology Laboratory at M.I.T. by Rudrapatna V. Ramnath, PhD Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

• The tested rackets with kinetic mass had distinct better dampening effectiveness than equal rackets without kinetic mass.

• Because of the better dampening qualities they offer an outstanding comfort of playing.

• As high frequency oscillations are in suspicion to be the origin of tennis injuries (e.g. of the tennis arm) it may be presumed that rackets with kinetic mass will have a positive effect.

• The better dampening effect of Kinetic rackets can be considered the reason for better stability at decentral points of impact.

• On account of the basic physical qualities, the Kinetic technology can be considered as a “raw diamond“ in racket production.

Improvement kinetic VS standard rackets