Counter Balance technology

Pro Kennex has developed a unique Counter Balance technology which allows models to have different balance properties. By placing a kinetic mass in the end-cap the racket can be made head light or head heavy, to suit different types of player. The kinetic end-cap has advanced vibration and shock dampening properties. For information about the Pro Kennex Kinetic technology, click here.

Spiral Tech Carbon

Pro Kennex creates a new combination of materials, the Pro Kennex Spiral Tech Carbon, the evolution of the graphite. It’s a unique, space age blend of treated Spiral Tech Carbon and High Modulus Graphite, combined with Nano Epoxy.

Spiral Graphite has exceptional dampening qualities to while High Modulus Graphite delivers the needed strength and power.

Traditional graphite is characterized by a space between the layers (Fig. 1); whereas in Spiral Tech Carbon, the graphite layers completely cling to each other (Fig. 2), combining with Nano Epoxy, which maximize playability and deliver the needed strength, power and control.